Our strength lies in our ability to completely understand and identify with each customer’s and candidate’s requirements at the same time.

Mavromatis Employment Bureau Ltd, is located in Cyprus and is specializing in finding the ideal staff according to every company’s and employer’s needs. We provide continuous support and the utmost efficiency to both our clients and candidates with one objective in mind – growth.

Our goal is to match job vacancies with the appropriate people. It is an intention for which we dedicate 100% of our time to achieve and perform the necessary assessment methods in order to ensure the best possible choice between candidates, so as to satisfy employer’s and employee’s needs that is fundamental for the success of every employment.

Our company’s staff is properly educated so as to be able to know the special requirements of each of the above mentioned jobs. As a result Mavromatis Employment Bureau represents its clients and is totally responsible for selecting the appropriate person for the right job position.

Our company possesses qualified consultants dedicated in recruiting for the travel and tourism sector. Our recruitment team can support candidates find rewarding roles in travel and tourism. Some of the job profiles related to tourism sector are Front Desk, Reservations, Sales and Marketing roles, Operations Manager, Digital Marketing, Food and Beverage, HR roles, Hotel / Restaurant Manager and Procurement Manager.

In addition, we have by our side business associates originating from countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Bulgaria, Romania etc., we have candidates specialized in various business sectors such as domestic workers, caretakers for the elderly, agriculture and live-stock laborers, cooks, waiters and nurses.

As a private employment agency with more than fifteen years of experience, we are approved and licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance of Cyprus Republic’s government, with license number 291. Also, we are member of the Pan Cyprian Association of Registered Private Employment Offices.

Built on foundations of quality, trust and experience our thorough, personal and tailored approach to recruitment assignments sets us above the competition and ensures that both employers and job seekers find that ideal match. Furthermore, we take the responsibility and the execution of all the necessary procedures that foreign staff recruitment presupposes.