Our strength lies in our ability to completely understand and identify with each customer’s and candidate’s requirements at the same time.

Mavromatis Employment Bureau Ltd is a recruitment company that is located in Cyprus and is specializing in finding the ideal staff according to every company’s and employer’s needs in Cyprus and other countries of the European Union.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand and empathize with the needs of both customers and candidates. Our aim is to fill the jobs with the appropriate candidates, a goal for which we spend 100% of our time.

Our multi annual experience, our knowledge and of course our qualified staff are the main pillars of our success. We are carrying out the necessary evaluation methods in order to ensure the best possible choice between the candidates in order to satisfy our clients that assign the recruitment process to our company.

Mavromatis Employment focus on providing accommodation to its candidates - when they are  getting hired – in close proximity to the workplace from the very first day of employment. Our primary objective is successful employment. Your satisfaction is also our key to success!

Next to us  we also  have partners from countries outside the European Union such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Moldova, Egypt who support our efforts to offer appropriate trained and qualified staff  in different sectors, in order to cover job vacancies  for which there is not enough demand from candidates within the European Union.

️ licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance of Cyprus Republic’s government, with license number 291.

️ member of the Pan Cyprian Association of Registered Private Employment Offices.