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Why should I choose to live and work in Cyprus?

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Its strategic position has played a major role in making Cyprus to be considered as a popular tourist destination and an ideal location for attracting international business. Cyprus is a European member state which has offered high quality services for foreign investors since 2004.

In Cyprus, population enjoys a high standard of living. A total of 180,000 foreign nationals live and work in Cyprus - a fact that contributes to making Cyprus an exceptional and cosmopolitan place to choose as a place of residence.

In addition,as an EU member, Cyprus offers excellent health services in public hospitals, at a cost lower than most EU countries, as well as in private clinics and hospitals.

The country's capital and business center is Nicosia, is located in the center of Cyprus. Limassol is the main shopping center and one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean that is located right on the south coast and is about an hour away from Nicosia. The Cyprus International Airport is located in Larnaca and is about 30 minutes away from each of the top main centers on the island.