Mavromatis Employment Bureau can provide you with specialized kitchen staff such as chefs, sous chefs, executive chefs, with expertise in Asian cuisine (Chinese & Japanese) as well as kitchen assistants, pastry chefs and any related position to food & beverage sector.

As we are totally aware of the increased needs in Cyprus in this sector, we invested in creating strong partnerships with countries outside European Union such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Moldova, Egypt that support our effort to provide you with qualified food professionals. Our company can offer this kind of staff so as to cover chef jobs in hotels, restaurants and generally in f&b sector.


You can find below some of executive chef responsibilities:

planning and guidance of food preparation and cooking activities

menu or creation of  new menus that meet quality standards

calculation of meal requirements as well as food and staff costs

supervision of the activities of kitchen staff

equipment purchases and repairs

recruitment and management of kitchen staff

resolution of problems or complaints that may arise during their work

attention to the appearance of the dishes

administrative tasks

compliance with food regulations, hygiene rules and safety standards

keeping time and payroll records

maintaining a positive and professional approach  across partners and customers


 You can also find below some of sous chef responsibilities:

help,prepare and create food & drink menus

high quality dishes, both in terms of appearance and taste

ensure that the kitchen operates in a timely manner that meets our quality standards

ability to resolve any problems that arise and take control of any difficult situation

management and training of kitchen staff, time configuration and staff performance assessment

ordering supplies

compliance with health and safety rules and enforcement of them

maintaining a positive and professional approach across partners and customers


Are you looking for chef jobs ,private chef jobs or kitchen assistant jobs in Cyprus?

For all candidates that are interested in being informed about the job positions related to food and beverage sector they can visit https://www.facebook.com/M.MAVROMATIEMPLOYMENT in order to obtain detailed information on each job in this field.

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