Mavromatis Employment Bureau is a recruitment company that specializes in finding the ideal staff according to every company's and employer's needs in Cyprus.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand and empathize with the needs of both customers and candidates. Our aim is to fill the jobs with the appropriate candidates, a goal for which we spend 100% of our time.

We  also offer all the services related to Foreign Staff Recruitment such as:

 Preparation of all the necessary documents such as hire application forms and employment contracts

 Submission of the documents to the Department of Immigration

 Issuance of Entry Permit, Temporary Residence Permit and Renewal of Residence Permit Visas

 Meet the workers at the airport and take them to their workplace

✔️ Take employees to undergo the necessary medical examinations

 Registration of employees at the Department of Social Insurance

Issuance of Medical Insurance for employees, which offers 90% coverage in case of accident or sickness

 Issuance of Employer's Liability Insurance

Contact Us

Cyprus number: 77776707

Email: info@mavromatisservices.com
Website: www.mavromatisservices.com